Updates from London

Since my web hosting provider has decided to extend my sites redemption period for eternity, i thought i would make the best of my time and start updating my blog for once.

So, just to start things off, some news from london as well as highlights from the trip to there.

First of all the flight was … uneventful. The guy sitting next to me was the “SILENT TYPE”. My only bad luck during the flight was that the earphone jack next to my seat was broken and the earphone would not completely go in. Now if you have travelled in a 757-300,the type they fly to europe, you would know how the earphones work. They are not stereo jacks rather two mono jacks connected by a plastic frame, it just happened in my case that one of the mono jacks would not go in, so i had to use my own stereo jack and enjoy mono channel sound… on a freakin 757-300. And to add to the irony of it, the captain announces at the begining of the flight “This is the biggest production aircraft, and designed  to travel in weather far worse than this so dont worry”… hello captain… ever  heard of the Airbus A380

During the flight i watched Die Hard 4,which for some reason had all the cool scenes cut out.Apparently for some reason, they decided to leave out all the cool scenes under the understanding that “this movie has been modified to fit your screen and intellect”. But a strong recommendation:  DO NOT WATCH AN ACTION MOVIE YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED BEFORE”. It would really be awful to know the whole plot and miss the shots that cost half of the budget!

In london, the weather isnt as cold as i expected it to be, but the air is chilly, kind of stingy in a sense.

And that is as eventful as my two days in london have been!


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